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Code One Code One
Code One was a highly successful Estonian pop duo consisting of Koit Toome and Sarah aka Sirli Hiius, formed in late 1994. The duo started off as a dance artist, but their second album was more pop-oriented. After a great run of hits in Estonian music charts until 1998, the duo split. Toome is now a solo artist and Hiius is not an active performer anymore.

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  • Ruttar
    46, Helsinki, ფინეთი

  • XavierClayton
    42, Elva, ესტონეთი

  • Veiko
    41, Mehikoorma, ესტონეთი

  • Raul
    36, Saue, ესტონეთი

  • Georg L
    24, Tallinn, ესტონეთი